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Multi-Generational Wealth and Capital Preservation.

Since its inception 2016, Infinity Capital Partners has earned its reputation as a leading Real Estate Firm and Developer.  We are a real estate investment firm that works with qualified investors to help them create wealth passively by investing alongside us in a pool of capital into strategic real estate investments. Similar to investing in a fund, but on a deal by deal basis.

Our core philosophy is to enable qualified investors to create long term wealth passively through strategic real estate investments.  Our team of experienced real estate professionals identifies stabilized and value-add real estate assets that will provide strong financial returns, a healthy risk profile, tax benefits, and many additional benefits that come along with real estate investing.  We pride ourselves on a high level of Trust and Integrity in everything that we do.

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Primary Asset Class

Our primary asset class is market rate value-add multifamily property, typically 50 to 300 units and located in A, B and C suburban and metropolitan areas.  We prefer assets built after 1975 to avoid common construction inefficiencies found in older vintage assets.  We target long term growth markets in order to achieve stability and long term rental and value appreciation.  We can acquire assets or portfolios north of $100M if the opportunity arises.

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Our Strategy

We target real estate investments that carry both annual returns along with additional profits from the determined exit strategy.  Our philosophy on investing in real estate is that great wealth can be created through holding real estate property long term, allowing investors to benefit from increasing cash flows, appreciation, and the ability to exit at the proper time in the market cycle. Hold times vary but may be anywhere from 3 to 10+ years.  In certain scenarios we may invest in projects with a hold time of less than 3 years. 

Prior to entering into any transaction we stress test potential investments to ensure that they can withstand changing market conditions, and we strictly avoid over-leveraging our assets. In addition to stress testing, we primarily invest in assets that can be improved, called "value-add" investing. Value-add investing ensures that we can create equity and force appreciation, allowing for a greater margin of safety and also greater profits for each investment.

Our Investment Criteria

We invest strictly in Multifamily Real Estate. We exclude properties such as senior living facilities, student housing and government subsidized housing.  There's nothing wrong with those investments, they just require a different business models to maximize returns.  We stay in our wheelhouse and focus only on properties within our realm of expertise. Prospective properties must meet our criteria, otherwise we move on.


TERM:                       Typical exit after 5 years

Target IRR:                15%-20%

Target CoC:               >8% (typically after year 2)

Property Class:          A, B, C, with value add

Units:                         50-300

Apartment Building
Modern Apartment Building

What Makes Us Different

Infinity  identifies and executes in “white space” environments – exploiting misalignments between low-quality, highly-commoditized offerings and the consumers’ appreciation and desire for authentic experiences. Within these investment environments, we take a hospitality-minded and residentially-inspired approach to design, development, and placemaking.
We are known for our proven ability to secure off-market transactions by leveraging in-depth market knowledge and a culture of creativity and persistence. Our passion to inspire is matched only by our relentless grit and obsessive determination to execute in spaces where others cannot.

We Are Infinity Capital Partners, and We Are Ready...

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LOOKING to invest?

We are actively looking for interested investors who qualify as accredited or sophisticated, according to the SEC. Join our Investor Network


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